More than just steps....
CarmenSteps are your pet's access to freedom and independance.
Our unique dog steps, cat steps or pet ramps will give access to your pet to all is favourite places.

The primary reason for a pet steps or a pet ramp is to make your dog or cat life easier and keep them active and happy.Pet steps are also handy for puppies and kittens who may not yet have the agility to reach some of the high areas they ant to go.

Our pet steps and pet ramps accomplish that mission. They prevent injuries for small pets and reduce discomfort for older pets when accessing their favourite spots.

Leading veterinarians agree you should never allow your pet to jump up or down from difficult places.
Provide your pet with a preventive pet healthcare tool by using Carmen' s pet steps or pet ramps Our pet steps and pet ramps are high quality and easy to clean.
They vary in number of steps, height and colours.
Some pet stairs have a mezzanine, other pet steps are foldable.

Whether you want your pet near you when you sleep, work, or leisure, there is a steps to suit your need and your décor.
What they all have in common is that they make you and your pet happy.


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